Before Rose Heart, Certified Master Aromatherapist and Herbalist, embarked on her journey of starting Organic Infusions, she became a well-respected authority in the field of aromatherapy. For many years, she educated and created signature blends for thousands of massage therapists, massage schools, healing centers, medical spas, yoga studios, spa resorts, dental offices and luxury hotels. As the founder of Organic Infusions, Rose continues to educate and create signature blends for companies all over the world.

Her life's purpose was and continues to be, to enhance one's emotional and physical well-being through our connection to the vibration of authentic pure essential oils. Rose's intention is to awaken in us the truth that we are One with the majestic elements through the essence of these organic sacred plants.

Rose has more than 15 years of experience in aromatherapy, herbal therapy, natural perfumery, custom blending, product development, massage therapy and crystal healing. Rose is a member of ABMP & NAHA.

As the years unfolded, Rose has discovered ancient healing techniques that unite pure essential oils, prayer, and meditation to release emotional blockage, balance energy, and rejuvenate the body; thereby removing obstacles from attuning to our Life's Purpose.

Through Rose's Vision of Purity, she has inspired her dedicated staff and thousands of devoted customers to embrace sustainable farming practices that honor farms and their communities around the world.

Good for you; good for the farmer; good for the planet.

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Life's Purpose

By Rose Heart

Like a seed setting root
She seeks water's right
To enter into agreement
To break apart with might

The majestic code of life
Is released from the Light
To bring forth her Path
Her future is so bright

This little babe is tested
Against storms of wind and hail
Her little leaves so fragile
Yet, the mighty Sun does reveal

A vibrant spark of life
Awakening to her right
To grow upon this earth
Absorbing the Sun's Light

At first her leaves do quiver
For this is oh so new
Her leaves are filled with sunshine
Her essence reveals its cue

For a Purpose does develop
In the warmth of the Good Sun
Her stem begins to tremble
Giving birth to reveal the One

For though her garden is tended
With love and with care
These elements can seem harsh
And fill her life with fear

Her roots reach for depth
Into the earth's foundation
So when the storms do come
It holds her Soul's vibration

She bows her stem to dusk
And surrenders to night's repose
She uses this time of stillness
To nourish and propose

She continues through life's change
As more leaves begin to grow
Layers of inspiration unfold
Holding on, yet letting go

Allowing her essence to expand
To reveal her garden's waft
When weeds appear before her
She separates wheat from chaff

One day without a warning
She feels a swell within
A seed of inspiration
Intention - ready to begin

To live for her Life's Purpose
No storm can drown away
Transforming tears of sorrow
Into a river that Leads the Way