Hydrosols are the pure natural 100% non-alcoholic distillate that is produced during the distillation process that also extracts the essential oils. Hydrosol simply means, ‘hydro’ or water and ‘sol’ or solution, that is, the water solution that contains some of the water-soluble micro-molecules of essential oil as well as water-soluble plant components. These micro-molecules of essential oil give the hydrosol its scent and essential oil therapy and the plant components give the hydrosol its herbal or floral therapy. They are quite fragrant and have a pH of 4.5 to5.5 or so.

Hydrosols are real aromatic therapy. You might consider them the homeopathy of aromatherapy. Just as herbs are to homeopathy so are essential oils to hydrosols. Hydrosols represent the true synergy of herbalism and aromatherapy.

When the fresh cut plants or flowers are put into the still, they are subjected to either boiling water, steam or both. The steam hits the plant, softens the scent- containing cells; the essential oil that is contained within the cell escapes as a vapor. This vapor mixes with the steam (the first part is the hydrosol) and goes through the gooseneck of the still apparatus and through the condensing coil, which is surrounded, by water. This cools the steam and vapor, which pours into the receiver as water and essential oil.

Due to the difference in specific gravity of essential oil and water, the condensate cools, the essential oil separates, floats to the surface of the water (hydrosol) and is removed leaving the hydrosol behind. However, not all of the water that comes over into the receiver is the hydrosol – only the first 25-50%. For every 1-2 lbs. of plant material, up to 1 quart of hydrosol is produced.

Organic Infusions, Inc Hydrosols contain only this first 25-50% potent aromatic distilled water.